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A logo (abbreviation of logotype, from Greek: λόγος, romanized: logos, lit. 'word' and Greek: τύπος, romanized: typos, lit. 'imprint') is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark Logo is an educational programming language, designed in 1967 by Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papert, and Cynthia Solomon. Logo is not an acronym: the name was coined by Feurzeig while he was at Bolt, Beranek and Newman, and derives from the Greek logos, meaning word or thought.. A general-purpose language, Logo is widely known for its use of turtle graphics, in which commands for movement and. A logó egy cég, szervezet, áru vagy szolgáltatás azonosítására szolgáló egyedi, jól felismerhető jel.A logó elsődleges célja a megkülönböztetés, az egyértelmű jelölés megkönnyíti a tájékozódást a piac szereplői között. Bár csupán a márkaelemek egyike, a logót gyakran - pontatlanul - a márka szinonimájának tekintik

Welcome to the original forum dedicated to the ultimate artform of the entertainment industry -- the production company logo! This is the wiki from the original logo authority that discusses all production logos, including closing logos, film/movie logos, home entertainment logos, video game logos, and much, much more as well A logo maker is a design tool that allows you to create a logo on your own, without the help of a designer. Wix Logo Maker is an online tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The tool allows you to edit and customize the chosen logo design, making it easy for anyone to use - with or without experience

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Create a wiki logo online using our wiki logo generator tool. Simply enter your logo text and we'll generate dozens of wiki logos instantly. Or browse the logo ideas below! Start now - it's FREE to try Fandom was originally launched as Wikicitiesin 2004.This logo wascreated by Jason Richey. This logo, designed by Christoph Struber, was selected as the winner of the 2006 Wikicitieslogo contest. In February2007, Wikicities was renamed asWikia. The previous logo design was used for a short time, albeit with the new name. An entirely new logo for Wikia, designed by Mike Bohrer, was introduced in. A great logo is more than images and words, a good logo tells a story about your company--who you are, what you do and what you stand for. That's a lot to ask of one piece of art, which is why it's important that you take the time to do it right

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The PostgreSQL logo is an elephant, known as Slonik. Multiple versions of the logo are available. Use of the logo is subject to our Trademark Policy This page is a candidate for deletion. Reason: This Wiki Is Now Closed Fvr. If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at Category talk:Candidates for deletion or improve the page and remove the {{}} tag.. Remember to check what links here and the page history before deleting The Logo Quiz Wiki is a wiki for posting tutorials for the mobile games Logo Quiz, Icomania and other similar games. This Wiki was made for Logo fans. Latest activity Logo Quiz Spirits, Beers & Wines edited by A FANDOM user 14 hours ago . Edited the section: Upcoming: Summary: I

The Scratch Logo is the logo of Scratch shown in the upper-left corner of all parts of the Scratch Website and applications (including the Offline Editor).The logo was changed to a simple, modern version with the introduction of Scratch 2.0, although it retains the same basic shape and orange color as the previous one.The Scratch logo is also a part of the Scratch Wiki logo, underneath the globe In addition to revealing the standard Disney Junior logo, other variations were released as well, most shows that air on Disney Junior have their own variation of the logo, with the standard Disney written in Walt Disney's famous handwriting and a large chunky font displaying Junior with each letter designed from an aspect or character from that particular show. Walt Disney Pictures logo Add photoWelcome to the Scary Logos Wiki, a collaborative group dedicated to scary logos. Some might not be frightening; some might be. Looking for some scary logos? If you are, you've come to the right place! We have loads of scary, kinda scary, and not scary logos just waiting to (maybe) give you a scare! So have fun! Some of these logos will probably scare you, give you a chill, frighten.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation The first Wiggles logo was designed when the band first formed back in 1991, then a new design replaced the first one in 1996, with a slight detail change in 2010. 1 Designs 2 Endboards 3 Timeline 4 Gallery See here See here 1991-1997The logo has no background, and the logo's text slightly resembles the Amigo font. 1996-2010 The logo gains a complete overhaul. 2010-present The logo has gained. 1 1984-1995 2 1994 3 1995-2000 4 2000-present Add a photo to this galler Logo Description and capture by StephenCezar15. 1st Logo (2009-2013) Logo: Same as the 2008 WGBH logo, except it is tinted blue like the local variant, and when the WGBH logo is formed, semi-animated pictures of PBS Kids characters such as Curious George, Arthur and Buster, Leona (from Between the Lions), Ruff Ruffman (from Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman) Martha the dog (from Martha Speaks), and the.

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Logo is an educational programming language, designed in 1967 by Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papert, and Cynthia Solomon. Logo is not an acronym: the name was coined by Feurzeig while he was at Bolt, Beranek and Newman, and derives from the Greek logos, meaning word or thought DokuWiki's logo was found in a Logo Contest and was created by Esther Brunner. The logo represents different aspects of DokuWiki. The multicolored pens do represent multiple users editing the same pages. Pages are simply linked (symbolized by the arrows). The logo is licensed under GPL like the rest of DokuWiki A logo is a picture or drawing that is used by a person, group, or company to mark who they are. A wordmark, or 'logotype', is a logo made entirely of a word or words.It is usually the name of a product or organisation. A company or group can use a 'logo' on the things that they make, like on the things they sell, on letters, and in advertisements.When a person sees the logo picture, that. A visual symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of a company or organization. Synonym: logotype Hyponyms: brandmark, submark, wordmark 2019, Li Huang; James Lambert, Another Arrow for the Quiver: A New Methodology for Multilingual Researchers, in Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, DOI:10.1080.

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  1. Welcome to the wiki! We are more than happy to give you great logos, themes, and even favicons!, We will not be merging Logo Creation Wiki will not be merging with Community Central., Less Fandyllic Fandyllic, the main contributor to this wiki, is now fully retired
  2. LOGO Comics Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Fandom IG GalaxyQuest.
  3. Welcome to Dream Logos Wiki, a collaborative fictional database, where you can upload your imaginary logos.The choice is yours and the sky is the limit. If you're looking for an alternative, please try Dream Fiction Wiki and Dream Incubator Wiki. Enjoy and happy posting! Today's Date:December 12, 2020,15:42 DISCLAIMER: This website is a fanon wiki, meaning the content comes from the.
  4. Project:Proposal for changing logo of MediaWiki, 2020 This is a disambiguation page , which lists pages which may be the intended target. If a page link referred you here, please consider editing it to point directly to the intended page

Project logos are trademarks that serve as the identifying mark for that project and its components. They serve to unify work on those projects, and help contributors identify with that project, across subprojects and language versions; online and offline, in banners and on sweet gear (stickers, ear tunnels, &c.) Logos of major Wikimedia projects are registered by the WMF to protect the. 1 Channel and programming block logos 1.1 Nickelodeon 1.1.1 Nick at Nite 1.2 Nicktoons TV / Nicktoons Network / NickToons 1.3 SNICK / TEENick / The N / TeenNick / NickRewind 1.4 Nick Jr. / Noggin 1.5 NickMusic 2 Show and movie logos 2.1 Nicktoons 2.2 Live-action shows 2.2.1 Game shows 2.3 Nick Jr. shows 2.4 Noggin shows 2.5 Nickelodeon Movies 3 Other logos Logos on white or transparent. A logo (abbreviation o logotype, frae Greek: λόγος logos wird an τύπος typos imprint) is a graphic merk or emblem commonly uised bi commercial enterprises, organisations an even individuals tae aid an promote instant public recogneetion.. Reference

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English: Logo of CNBC, a United States-based television network that specializes in business-related news broadcasting. This logo has been used since September 23, 1996. This logo has been used since September 23, 1996 The Walt Disney Pictures logo is the production logo appearing at the beginning of films released by Walt Disney Pictures. 1 Overview 2 Logos 2.1 Main Logos 2.2 Variations 2.2.1 Movies 2.2.2 Shorts 2.2.3 Video games 3 Disney Castle Openings from 45 Films 4 See also 5 References The logo almost always features a fairytale castle directly inspired by Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle and the.

Welcome to the Logos Bible Software Wiki, a place to share about Faithlife Corporation software, resources, & web sites.. Faithlife Status - Check Faithlife server issue(s), or follow @FaithlifeDevOps; Using the Forums for friendly discussions about Faithlife stuff; Blogs & News - General Interest & Products by Faithlife; Contact - Faithlife email addresses & phone number These are the many styles of the Jeopardy logos we've seen over the years. There are two different logo styles, coming down to the font, for the Art Fleming and Alex Trebek versions. Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty. 1 Standard Logo Styles 2 Banner 3 The show's logo in Different Colors 4 Holiday Logos 5 Custom Designed Logos 6 Opening Logos 6.1 Fleming Era 6.2 Trebek Era 7 Tournament.

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A logo is a graphical element that signifies a trademark or brand. Within the context of Transformers, every franchise has one or more logos associated with it, and some sub-lines have received that treatment as well.. See Category:Logos for the most complete index of logos on TFWiki.net Welcome to the Logofanonpedia! The wiki where you can create fake and fictional logos with fake names and things for everyone. Logofanonpedia browses our content for fake logos in non-official or non-sources. You must create an account or sign in before you can add, create and upload some non-source fake logos too. Enjoy and happy posting on this wiki! Click here for more information. Today is. YouTube logo chronology . 14 February 2005 - 30 November 2011. 1 December 2011 - 18 December 2013. 19 December 2013 - 16 October 2015. 17 October 2015 - 28 August 2017. 29 August 2017 - present Current variations . Almost black monochrome logo Light monochrome logo

TheVID-TV maskwas a logo from the Russian TV company of the same name that is known to be kind ofscary and creepy, perhaps the scariest of them all. It was used from 1990 to 2013. 1 Logos 1.1 Variants 1.2 Variants 1.3 Variant 1.4 Variant 2 Music/Sounds 2.1 Music/Sounds Variants 2.2 Music/Sounds Variant 3 Scare Factor 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Video 7 Extra Video 1st logo: On an off-white background. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011): The logo starts out over a row of houses on the ground.Several flower petals from a couple of peach trees are blown up to the sky, where the moon is residing. The flower petals then form the spirit of Master Oogway, who brings up the rest of the logo from below with a fishing rod (similar to the logo variant from the first film) In 1934, the first logo was created by the LEGO Group. It was used on correspondence, shipping labels and other printed materials, but not on toys. Starting in 1936 an ink stamp LEGO Fabriken Billund was used on the wooden toys. This logo was first introduced in 1939 or 1940. It was used extensively on wooden toys, typically in the form of an applied decal, for the next 10 years. 1950. (rhetoric) A form of rhetoric in which the writer or speaker uses logic as the main argument.· Alternative letter-case form of Logos··plural of logo

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1 Terraria Logo 1.1 Variations 1.2 Post 2 Website logo 2.1 Variations 3 Re-Logic Logo 3.1 Variations 3.1.1 Desktop and Console 3.1.2 Desktop (pre-1.4) 3.1.3 Mobile (pre-1.3) 4 Mobile app icons 5 History The Terraria logo is a part of the main menu. On the Terraria trailer other logos appear, like the Jungle logo and The Corruption logo. Furthermore, on Bandcamp, another logo can be. Nirvana's logo with the Smiley Face. Nirvana are an American grunge rock band that was formed by singer-songwriter/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana went through a succession of drummers such as Dale Crover, Chad Channing, Aaron Burckhard, Dave Foster, and Dan Peters (appearing on the single Sliver) Pat Smear, who joined in 1993 as a. The Faction Logo pass is a cosmetic pass that's very useful if you want to start a big faction, by simply adding a photo ID from the Roblox workshop or uploading your own picture. You and your fellow faction members will have the logo displayed next to their names on the leaderboard and above their heads

The logo of Final Fantasy IV features a Yoshitaka Amano drawing of Kain Highwind in purple, posing in a shape of number four in Arabic numeral. The color of the text matches the color of the drawing. The logo marks several things: it adopts what would become the standard design of the title logo, with the title in English and a katakana subscript and incorporating a piece of Amano artwork. A useful tool for determining the production date of your guitar is the style of logo used. Also, cross reference this information with Headstock Styles. Note: old logos were often used right alongside new ones, so these are just general guidelines. Note: all Mother of Pearl logos are inlaid by hand, and therefore feature some variation from one example to the next The FUDcon logo is used in materials related to the Fedora Users' and Developers Conferences that are held multiple times annually around the world. The FUDcon logo is typically used on banners, T-shirts, signage pointing users to rooms where conference talks are taking place, and other events related to the conference such as 'FUDPub. ™ Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. This file is (or includes) one of the official logos or designs used by the Wikimedia Foundation or by one of its projects. Use of the Wikimedia logos and trademarks is subject to the Wikimedia trademark policy and visual identity guidelines, and may require permission The Wikipedia logo was revised in 2010, with a new 3D model correcting many of the errors below and a free font. This page was used for discussions about the current Wikipedia logo, as well as fixing the errors on the logo and the characters which go on the hidden portions of the logo as well as the two puzzle pieces on bottom

[sunting] Logo atau jenislogo Often the word logo is used instead of logotype. In practice, both terms are synonyms, but the meaning of logotype is specifically what is defined in this article, while logo has other meanings Big bang - 3 seconds after the big bang (blend logo from 1986-1992) 3 seconds after the big bang - 20 minutes after the big bang - 3 days after the big bang. 3 days after the Big Bang - August 25, 79 (destruction of Pompei) 1PBE. Windows Logo TTTTTSOAAT-1 Gogolplexian BC and put in a future version. 1000 BC Logo Intro Bloopers is a series created by Max Andrew and based on LT Bloopers by davemadson. Unlike LT Bloopers, the team always get the logo right at the end of the video, and the language was turned down to be more suitable for people aged 13 and up

Good2Go.com Take 1: The logo reads WE WILL ROCK YOU and the stoplight is an exclamation point. The director says, Cut! Take 2: The 2 tries to squeeze in and after a second, it explodes The CentOS Logo. The CentOS logo is the combination of the CentOS symbol and the CentOS type.The CentOS Artwork SIG uses the CentOS logo to brand images produced by the CentOS Project and provide visual connection between them so they can be monolithically recognized as part of a single unit, known as the CentOS Project The Doom logo is a famous logo used throughout the Doom franchise. The logo can be found here. 1 Classic version 2 Doom 3 version 3 Doom movie version 4 Doom: Annihilation 5 Doom (2016) version 6 Doom Eternal version 7 Logo versions gallery In the original Doom games, the logo spells out the word Doom in capitals. It was illustrated by Don Ivan Punchatz. The upper part of the logo is blue. The entertainment site where fans come first. Your daily source for all things TV, movies, and games, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC and more is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. Through various projects, chapters, and the support structure of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia strives to bring about a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.. Welcome to Wikimedia

The only others who didn't get a redesign are Hazel Cricket, Club Penguin Logo, My Profile Picture, Diamondcup67, Fan, Unregistered Hypercam 2, and 8-Ball. She is the only person to start a club. The intro (for OFA) is so far the only time where FCF Logo isn't seen with her clipboard. FCF Logo is the only OFA character who got office supplies. Logo use is restricted The Fedora logo is a registered trademark used worldwide by Red Hat, Inc. on behalf of the Fedora Project. There are restrictions around its use, set out in the trademark guidelines page THX is a motion picture quality certification system (despite being branded as a sound system until 1997) founded by Tomlinson Holman and George Lucas in 1982 (in turn was then-owned by Lucasfilm Ltd. until June 2002, when spun-off in its present-day company - THX Ltd.), named after the first film Lucas directed, THX 1138. The first THX film was 1983's hit movie Star Wars: Episode VI. Logos can format hyperlink code for URL (in email or web page), HTML (in raw HTML), L4 (direct link), Wiki (in a Logos wiki), and RL (for Logos Reading Lists). URL, HTML, Wiki, and RL use ref.ly that works with many external applications and the web. ref.ly require an internet connection as it opens the Web App before opening Logos; bu The following is a list of variations used on the second logo. 1 US Variations 1.1 Main Variants 1.2 HD Variants 1.3 Nood Variants 1.4 Temporary Variants 1.5 Banners.

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The 2011 variant of the 2006 logo plays, but the logo is set in London and at the end, the castle was destroyed by the dalmatians from 101 Dalmatian Street. The logo than fades out and before the MGM logo, Dolly says, Oh, I will show you how mad we are!. The 1990-2006 logo plays, but the castle is patterned with orange and black, just like Tigger The logo you design is going to be used to identify your brand or organization for years to come. A logo is worth putting time and energy into designing. Before you start designing a logo, take some time to think about your brand identity. If you are designing a logo for someone else, study the brand or have an interview with the brand owner Goodson-Todman logo used on The Price is Right in the first week. Updated Goodson-Todman logo from TPIR in 1972. TPIR Goodson-Todman logo update from 1975. White asterisks. The Goodson-Todman logo we all recognize. This was often seen on The Price is Right, as well as Beat The Clock (1979), and a few others

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Where wiki.png can be changed to the name of your png logo image. Make sure you put your image in that folder the path points to! Hope this solves your frustrations.-- 00:57, 28 May 2008 (UTC The logo is made on cardboard, but suddenly, it tips over, and it's sung by Len Guy and Hev Guy. Power (2013) The 1953 Logo Is made out of cardboard. The logo Is silent along with The 1980s United Artists Logo. File:Hahahahahahaha.png The War (2014) The 2009 logo plays without camera animation, but Steven demolishes the logo. Backwards Land (2015 The Scratch Holiday Logo is a differentiation of the normal Scratch Logo on holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. A Scratch holiday logo only appeared on the front page.. A list of the previous holiday logos can be found here. [Starting around Thanksgiving of 2010, there hasn't been any holiday logos because the Scratch Team had said that changing the logo was very difficult The Jurassic Park logo, also dubbed the Logosaurus by fans, is a collective term used to describe the various logos used to market the novels and films. The logo was designed by Chip Kidd and Universal Pictures Marketing Executive Tom Martin after the skeleton that appeared on every cover of the book and first appeared in Jurassic Park, where they were seen all over the park's merchandise. The.

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For other logos used in Lost, see Logos For unofficial DHARMA logos, see Fan-made DHARMA logos The DHARMA Initiative is represented by a series of distinct eight-sided logos, based on the traditional Taoist Bagua or pa kua (eight trigrams in Chinese). One is believed to be a general logo, representing the Initiative as a whole. The other logos seem to be designed specifically for each of the. # Once the program has started add video.avi # If using VLC 0.9.x or 1.x.x: @logo logo-file logo.png # If using VLC 0.8.6 or older: logo-file logo.png This requires a --logo-file , but for some reason it won't work if you specify --sub-source logo The puzzle piece logo was first used in 1963, and was popularized by Autism Speaks. They use it to symbolize the idea that autistic people are difficult to comprehend (like a puzzle) and that the cure for autism is the missing piece. It has been criticized for portraying autistic people as incomplete. Real Social Skills notes that the symbol itself is not inherently harmful, but it's.

The Lambda logo (λ) is a symbol found frequently in the Half-Life universe. It represents the Greek letter Λ (lowercase λ), and is a radioactive decay constant used in the half-life equation. Λ is the 11th letter in the Greek alphabet. 1 Appearances 1.1 Half-Life story arc 1.2 Half-Life 2 story arc 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 External links In the original Half-Life, Gordon Freeman's. Zoeken in Wikipedia Nederlands; Frysk; English; Sranantongo (Surinaams) Nedersaksisch; Limburgs; Papiament Add a photo to this galleryThese are logos from the popular kids network Nickelodeon. Add a photo to this gallery 1 Logos 1.1 1991-1994 1.2 1992-2009 1.3 1993-1996 1.4 1994-1997 1.5 1996-March 2008 1.6 1996-1999 1.7 September? 2000-September 4, 2006 1.8 May 27, 2006-September 28, 2009; August.. Released by Tomy Yujin in January 2008, this dangler is a faction logo-shaped screen cleaner for your cell phone, with a stock image of Autobot insignia printed on the other side. Kinnerton. For holding all your Autobot-symbol-shaped cookies. Transformers Tin (2008 Commodore Logo is a development system for the programming language Logo, which was published with a Logo tutorial and two floppy disks or on a cartridge.The first disk contains the Logo system and the second disk contains the utilities. Commodore Logo was developed by Terrapin, Inc. in 1982/83 in cooperation with Commodore.It is based on the programming language Logo from Massachusetts. The new style of Ubuntu is driven by the theme Light. We've developed a comprehensive set of visual guidelines and treatments that reflect that style, and are updating key assets like the logo accordingly. The new theme takes effect in 10.04 LTS and will define our look and feel for several years

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